​​41st Annual Trigg County Country Ham Festival

October 13 - 14, 2017

The Largest of the Festivals in Cadiz

Why Pigs?  Why Country Ham?

Louisville is known for the Kentucky Derby.  Nashville is known for country music, New Orleans for jazz...and Cadiz is known for our world famous country ham.  Not the city kind of ham.  Not Virginia ham but real honest to goodness country ham. Salty, savory, thinly sliced, "smack 'ya mama" good country ham.  Country ham that is so good that is sold for $1,000,000 (yes, that's right - $1 million dollars) at a charity auction.  You can only get this kind of ham in western Kentucky.  

Dry-cured, just as it was in 1820.  Others have tried but no one does country ham like we do.  That's why the pigs and that is why Country Ham.

For more information on the Trigg County Country Ham Festival please visit us at GoCADIZ.com or telephone 1-888-446-6402.